Compassion Focused Therapy

Compassion LogoCompassion Focused Therapy, as the name suggests, involves the use of approaches intended to bolster self-compassion. One aspect of the approach which is particularly helpful is their openness regarding materials: the Compassionate Mind Foundation makes a lot of useful material available for free on their website. Some particularly interesting documents are linked-to here, but it is well worth visiting the site directly. Materials include training manuals, exercises, and helpful research information.

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There was an excellent series of videos on the Compassionate Mind Founation website of a one-day workshop by Paul Gilbert. They now seem to be on YouTube:

  • Paul Gilbert - Meng Wu Lecture (Introductory)
  • Paul Gilbert - CFT Workshop at CCARE (part 1)
  • Paul Gilbert - CFT Workshop at CCARE (part 2)
  • Paul Gilbert - CFT Workshop at CCARE (part 3)
  • Paul Gilbert - CFT Workshop at CCARE (part 4)
  • Paul Gilbert - DCP Lecture 2015 - Tragedies of the human mind

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