Supervision (clinical /professional supervision)

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Supervision resources

Presentations / Lectures / Workshops

Models of supervision

  • Borden's model of the supervisory working alliance - Borden (1983)
  • Process model of supervision - Hawkins & Shohet (2012)
  • Systems model of the supervisory relationship - Holloway (1995)

Measures of supervision

A range of measures of supervision have been developed by the Oxford Clinical Supervision Research Group:

Other measures include:

Cognitive therapy competence / adherence measures

Supervision reading

  • Hawkins, P., Shohet, R. (2012). Supervision in the helping professions. Open University Press
  • Pretorius, W. M. (2006). Cognitive behavioural therapy supervsision: recommended practice. Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy, 34, 413-420