Behavior That Challenges

This page incorporates information about challenging behavior and learning disabilities.


NICE Guideline for Challenging Behaviour and Learning Disabilities nice.org.uk

Functional behavioral assessment (FBA) and challenging disorders bild.org.uk

Functional assessment of individuals with cognitive disabilities patransassessment.pbworks.com archive.org

The Challenging Behaviour Foundation are a UK charity who have a great selection of resources . I have linked to selection of information sheets below:


Functional assessment screening tool adapt-fl.com archive.org

Other Materials

A Manual of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for People with Learning Disabilities and Common Mental Disorders is a therapist manual by Hassiotis, Sarfaty, Azan, Martin, Strydon & King. It is available for free on the UCL Psychiatry web page and is accompanied by some other resources therapists may find helpful: