Behavior That Challenges

This page incorporates information about challenging behavior and learning disabilities.


  • NICE Guideline for Challenging Behaviour and Learning Disabilities nice.org.uk
  • Challenging behavior: a unified approach bps.org.uk
  • Functional behavioral assessment (FBA) and challenging disorders bild.org.uk
  • Functional assessment of individuals with cognitive disabilities patransassessment.pbworks.com archive.org
  • Incorporating Attachment Theory into Practice: Clinical Practice Guideline for Clinical Psychologists working with People who have Intellectual Disabilities bps.org.uk  archive.org
  • Psychological therapies and people who have intellectual disabilities bps.org.uk  archive.org


The Challenging Behaviour Foundation are a UK charity who have a great selection of resources . I have linked to selection of information sheets below:



Other Materials

A Manual of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for People with Learning Disabilities and Common Mental Disorders is a therapist manual by Hassiotis, Sarfaty, Azan, Martin, Strydon & King. It is available for free on the UCL Psychiatry web page and is accompanied by some other resources therapists may find helpful: