Compassion Formulation

Compassion focused therapy (CFT) is a particularly helpful approach for working with shame, self-attack and self-blame. The Compassion Formulation worksheet is a formulation diagram detailing some of the processes important in CFT. It follows a 'problem > coping strategy > unintended consequences' format, but encourages a focus on compassionate processes. It is adapted from a formulation by Gilbert & Procter (2006).

  • Gilbert, P. (2009). The compassionate mind: a new approach to the challenges of life. London: Constable & Robinson
  • Gilbert, P., & Procter, S. (2006). Compassionate mind training for people with high shame and self‐criticism: Overview and pilot study of a group therapy approach. Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy, 13(6), 353-379 researchgate.net archive.org


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