Psychology Tools Products

Psychology Tools develops professional therapy resources including workbooks and audio collections. All are available in two versions:

  • Client edition
    - Designed for purchase by members of the public
    - Contains everything needed for use as self-help
  • Therapist edition
    - Designed specifically for clinicians
    - Includes a generous license allowing the therapist to make copies to give to their clients

Audio collections

Psychology tools for relaxation

This audio collection includes 4 practical exercises:

  • Relaxed breathing
  • Progressive muscle relaxation
  • Peaceful place
  • Combined relaxation exercise

50 minutes running time

Psychology tools for overcoming PTSD

This audio collection includes 14 practical exercises across these categories:

  • Physical soothing
  • Grounding exercises
  • Brain retraining
  • Improving your sleep

3.5 hours running time


Psychology Tools For Overcoming Panic

Nearly one person in every four will experience a panic attack at some point in their lives. Panic combines bodily symptoms of anxiety with feelings of fear and dread. A little bit of anxiety can be helpful for keeping us on our toes - but when it gets too much panic can become debilitating.

This helpful workbook will teach you everything you need to know about panic. Drawing upon the evidence base Self-help tools for panic takes a cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) approach to this common anxiety problem. CBT has been demonstrated to be effective when delivered face-to-face or as self-help. This workbook will guide you through all the information and practical exercises necessary to overcome anxiety and reclaim your life. It is a valuable resource for individuals who panic, but equally helpful to therapists as a treatment manual.