These therapeutic audio resources have been developed and professionally recorded by experienced clinical psychologists. Use them as stand-alone interventions, or integrate them into your clinical practice. They are available in Client and Therapist editions. Subscribers to Psychology Tools Pro have free access to all audio packs.

Client edition

Therapist edition

Professionally recorded

High quality MP3 versions

Licence allows copies to be given to clients

Includes book of scripts (PDF download) to incorporate exercises into your clinical practice

Psychology tools for relaxation

This audio collection includes 4 practical exercises:

  • Relaxed breathing
  • Progressive muscle relaxation
  • Peaceful place
  • Combined relaxation exercise

50 minutes running time

Psychology tools for overcoming PTSD

This audio collection includes 14 practical exercises across these categories:

  • Physical soothing
  • Grounding exercises
  • Brain retraining
  • Improving your sleep

3.5 hours running time