Audiological probems (e.g. balance, misophonia, tinnitus)


Richard Tyler at the University of Iowa has developed some excellent teaching materials which are useful for psychologists working with tinnitus. (Edit: The originals seem to have been taken down. Versions still available from the Internet Archive)

  1. Introduction archive.org
  2. Thoughts and emotions archive.org
  3. Thoughts and emotions review archive.org
  4. Hearing and communication archive.org
  5. Review of hearing and communication archive.org
  6. Sleep archive.org
  7. Review of sleep archive.org
  8. Concentration archive.org
  9. Review of concentration archive.org
  10. Summary Archive.org

Treatments for tinnitus

There are no 'cures' for tinnitus, but most of the following have been shown to be helpful.


Balance disorders

Misophonia (selective sound sensitivity)

Key papers & books