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Improve your clinical practice with a library of therapy resources

What is Psychology Tools Pro?

Psychology Tools Pro is an on-line library of therapy resources. It contains over 150 worksheets, exercises, books and audio resources.

It is designed for anyone who cares about mental health and well-being, including psychologists, therapists, counsellors, coaches, and more.

With quick access to everything you need to deliver effective therapy, you can focus on your clients and leave the rest to Psychology Tools.


Pro Worksheets

Including case examples and guidance on how to use each tool to achieve the greatest results for your clients.

150 worksheets and counting...

Edit Worksheets

Edit, add, or rebrand the worksheets for your own clinical practice. Available in familiar Microsoft Powerpoint format (pptx).

Therapy Audio

Download, keep, and share our library of therapy audio for use in the clinic or at home. Pro members are licensed to share copies with their clients.


License to print, download, and share Psychology Tools books with your clients.

No Advertising

Pro members experience an uncluttered ad-free website experience.

Exclusive Content

Stay up to date and gain priority access to new and exclusive content.

What our members are saying

"This is one of the most valuable resources I have found - I recommend it to my team and colleagues without fail. I find it so helpful to be able to build a bespoke toolkit for my clients. My clients are always so pleased with the handouts and worksheets and have found them life changing when used within their therapy."

Hazel Maxwell-Payne | Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

"I appreciate the evidence-based quality tools to offer to my clients. I especially like that they can be edited to personalize them for particular client needs. There are a variety of techniques that have supported my clients with reducing and managing their depression and anxiety.  Thank you for this comprehensive resource."

Renee Joslin | Registered Psychologist

"I frequently use Psychology Tools to access information for my clients and find it invaluable to my work. It shows us that the partnership between information technology and counselling has great value and can enhance counselling practice considerably. I consider Psychology Tools Pro to be a vital tool in my counselling toolbox."

Elaine Nicholson, MBE | CEO, Action for Asperger’s

  • FREE worksheets
  • PRO worksheets
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  • Editable worksheets
  • Therapy workbooks
  • Therapy audio
  • Exclusive resources

Annual membership

$80 per year

Just 22 cents per day

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  • FREE worksheets
  • PRO worksheets
  • Advertising free
  • Editable worksheets
  • Therapy workbooks
  • Therapy audio
  • Exclusive resources

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  • FREE worksheets
  • PRO worksheets
  • Advertising free
  • Editable worksheets
  • Therapy workbooks
  • Therapy audio
  • Exclusive resources

Frequently asked questions


+ What currency is the price in?

The price is in US Dollars.

+ Is the subscription for a calendar year, or 365 days?

A subscription runs for 365 days.

+ What if I change my mind?

We only want happy subscribers so Psychology Tools Pro comes with a 14 day money back guarantee. If you decide that membership is not for you just email [email protected] within two weeks of signing up and we will refund your payment.

+ Is payment secure?

Yes, you can pay with confidence. All payments are handled securely by Stripe, one of the world's biggest payment processors. Psychology Tools does not store any of your payment information.

+ What happens at the end of the subscription period?

You will receive an email a few days before your next subscription payment is due. If you do nothing your subscription will renew and a payment will be taken from your account. If you don't want to renew just log into your account, go to the 'Settings' page, and select 'Turn off auto renew'.


+ Can I share the resources with my clients?

Yes of course! This is one of the best things about Psychology Tools Pro. As a subscriber you are licensed to use the resources in your clinical sessions, print and share copies of books, and to share digital copies of books and audio.

+ Are there restrictions on how I can share resources?

Not within reason. If your clients need a resource feel free to share a copy with them. The only restrictions are that we ask you not to sell the resources (using them in a session for which you are paid is fine), and not to make them publicly available on the internet.

+ Can I host/store/transfer the materials on my own website?

No, we ask that you don't make the materials available on your own website.

+ Can multiple people share one login?

Not with the individual membership, but team memberships are available.


+ What is the difference between 'Free' and 'Pro'?

Free worksheets are available so that members of the public can get access to some essential therapy resources without paying. Pro versions are designed specifically for clinicians: they contain case example and annotations designed to help you and your clients get the best out of the tools. Many Pro versions are editable, enabling you to fine-tune tools to your preference. Many worksheets are only available as Pro versions.

+ What languages are the resources available in?

All of the resources are developed in English. Many of the worksheets have been translated into other languages by our generous volunteers - check this page to see which have already been completed. Materials are available in over 45 languages. Books and Audio Collections are only available in English.

+ How often will new resources be added?

Updates are coming all the time. Keep checking back.


+ What if I forget my username or password?

There is an automatic password reset function. If you can't remember either you can enter your email address and it will send you everything you need.

+ What if I have a problem?

Just get in touch by emailing us at [email protected] We aim to respond to all support requests within 24 hours, and are usually much quicker.

+ How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your membership at any time during the first 14 days for a full refund. After that, you can cancel your subscription at any time and will retain access until the end of your subscription period. When your subscription expires you will not be billed for any further payments.