Mindfulness might best be described as a 'way of being' rather than a technique, but in psychological terms it can be taught as a technique to increase insight and alter our relationship with our thoughts.

Psychology Tools worksheets for mindfulness

Mindfulness resources


Free mindfulness audio recordings

There are many packages of mindfulness recordings that can be bought, John Kabat Zinn in particular has produced a number that are suitable for recommending to clients.

Mark Williams and Danny Penman have some free mindfulness recordings which accompany their book:

Free Buddhist Audio is a website set up by the Triratna Buddhist Order. They make recordings of meditations, and Buddhist teachings available for free. Of particular interest to therapists might be:

Key reading

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Other materials

ST Michael's Hospital have developed a great emotional regulation program incorporatingmindfulness.

Mindful Awareness Stabilization Training


  1. Session 1 – Mindfulness and the window of tolerance stmichaelshospital.com archive.org
  2. Session 2 – Mindfulness and the brain stmichaelshospital.com archive.org
  3. Session 3 – Mindfulness and emotions stmichaelshospital.com archive.org
  4. Session 4 – Developing an action plan for self care stmichaelshospital.com archive.org


  1. Track 1 – Mindfulness of the senses soundcloud.com
  2. Track 2 – Three minute breathing space soundcloud.com
  3. Track 3 – Mindfulness of breath soundcloud.com
  4. Track 4 – Meditation of sounds soundcloud.com
  5. Track 5 – Mindfulness of emotions soundcloud.com
  6. Track 6 – Standing meditation soundcloud.com
  7. Track 7 – Self-compassion meditation soundcloud.com