Theory A Theory B

Theory A / Theory B has been variously described as a 'dual model strategy' (Wells, 1997) and 'Hypothesis A / Hypnothesis B' (Salkovskis & Bass, 1997). This is a method for reframing a problem as being a result of a belief or worry, rather than as a result of a situation or fact. This worksheet pack includes 2 different versions of the worksheet, and two worked examples illustrating how to use it.

"The most effective way of changing a misinterpretation ... is to help the person come up with an alternative, less threatening interpretation of his or her experience" (Salkovskis, 1996).
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  • Salkovskis, P. M., Bass, C. (1997). Hypochondriasis. In The Science and Practice of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (eds Clark & Fairburn). Oxford: Oxford University Press.


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