Translation project

Visitors to Psychology Tools have been generous enough to translate worksheets into over 45 languages. If you are willing and able to translate any materials your assistance will be gratefully received - and acknowledged on the contributors page.

You can download translation 'templates' for each worksheet below. The text is split into small chunks - just translate each chunk and then email the completed version to me at: [email protected]. I will happily accept as many translations as you are willing to do!

If your language doesn't already have many translations then good ones to start with are: behavioral experiments, belief-driven formulation, cbt thought record, relaxed breathing, simple thought record, what is cbt

RTL languages: If your language is written right-to-left please contact me first - we have to use a different procedure.
Worksheet Name Translation template Translations completed Translations completed
ABC Belief Monitoring
Activity Planning
Activity Selection
Alternative Action Formulation
Anger Decision Sheet
Anger Diary
Assertive Communication
Avoidance Hierarchy / Fear Hierarchy
Barriers Abusers Overcome In Order To Abuse
Before I Blame Myself And Feel Guilty
Behavioral Experiment
Belief Driven Formulation
CBT Daily Activity Diary
CBT Daily Activity Diary With Enjoyment And Mastery Ratings
CBT Daily Activity Diary With No Time Slots
CBT Thought Record
CBT Thought Record Portrait
Checking Certainty And Doubt
Checklist For Better Sleep
Classical Conditioning
Coercive Methods For Enforcing Compliance
Cognitive Behavioral Model Of Persistent Postural Perceptual Dizziness
Cognitive Model Of Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)
Cognitive Model Of Delusions
Cognitive Model Of Health Anxiety
Cognitive Model Of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Cognitive Model Of Panic
Cognitive Model Of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Cognitive Model Of Social Anxiety
Cognitive Model Of Tinnitus
Compassion Formulation
Core Belief Magnet Metaphor
Cross Sectional Formulation
Daily Monitoring Form
Daily Record of Dysfunctional Thoughts
Decatastrophizing / Decatastrophising
Dysfunctional Thought Record
EMDR Cognitions
EMDR Protocol (Standard)
EMDR Protocol (With Interweave Guidance)
Emotion Focused Formulation
Emotional Regulation Systems
Exposure And Response Prevention
Exposure Practice Form
Fact Or Opinion
Fear of Bodily Sensations
Fight Or Flight Response
Forgiveness Is
Forgiveness Methods
Forgiveness Quotes
Friendly Formulation
Functional Analysis
Functional Analysis With Intervention Planning
Grounding Techniques
Guidelines For Better Sleep
Health Anxiety Thought Record
Hindsight Bias
Hotspot Record
How Breathing Affects Feelings
How We Hear Sounds
Identifying The Meaning Of Body Sensations
Interoceptive Exposure
Intrusion Diary
Intrusion Record
Intrusive Thoughts Brain Metaphor
Intrusive Thoughts Images And Impulses
Jacqueline Persons Style Formulation
Judith Beck Style Formulation
Lapse And Relapse Management
Longitudinal Formulation 1
Longitudinal Formulation 2
Meaning In Tinnitus
Modifying Rules And Assumptions
Motivation and Ambivalence
Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET)
Nightmare Exposure And Rescripting
OCD Diary
OCD Hierarchy
Operant Conditioning
Overview Of CBT
Pacing For Pain And Fatigue
Pain Diary
Panic Attack Progress Record
Panic Attack Record Form
Panic Diary
Pie Chart
Play The Script Till The End
Positive Belief Record
Problem Grid
Problem Solving
Process Model Of Supervision
Progressive Muscle Relaxation
PTSD And Memory
PTSD Film Projection Metaphor
PTSD Linen Cupboard Metaphor
REBT Problem Formulation
REBT Consequences Analysis Form
Relaxed Breathing
Relaxed Breathing Record Form
Rewind Technique
Rumination Diary
Safety Behaviors Example
Safety Behaviors Worksheet
Schema Bias
Schema Formulation
Schema Metaphors
Selective Attention
Self Practice Record Form (CBT Homework Worksheet)
Simple Thought Record
Sleep Diary
Stages Of Change